Have you ever asked yourself – what is entrepreneurship? Lead this article and discover more about what entrepreneurship is and what this concept represents!

Mark Zuckerberg said: Entrepreneurship is about creating a change in this world and not just creating companies. We can all agree that Mark Zuckerberg is the person who changed the way we live and communicate today.

The previous President of the US, Barack Obama, once spent his day at the Stanford University where he admired the entrepreneurial community at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, alongside Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.

Barack Obama said – the world needs your energy, your creativity, and your vision, in his opening remarks. He added – you are going to be what helps this process of worldwide integration work in a way that works not just some but for everyone. We are better off in a world where we are networking and trading, sharing and communicating ideas. It means that different cultures and trends are colliding and that is disruptive and one of the most common reasons why people get worried. You are the glue and you are the bridge that holds this world together.

Mark Zuckerberg was joined on the panel by Jean Bosco Nzeyimana, the Rwandan co-founder of Habona Limited (this is a startup business that uses biological waste and transforms it into environmentally friendly fuel items); Mai Medhat, the Egyptian co-founder of Eventtus (this is a mobile platform for organizing all kinds of events), and Mariana Costa, the Peruvian founder of Laboratoria (this is a business dedicated to training young women and connect them with various career opportunities).

At the summit, Obama asked Zuckerberg if he sees Facebook’s role as one that develops a platform for entrepreneurs worldwide, to which Zuckerberg replied that – Entrepreneurship is about making a change in this world and not about creating companies.

Zuckerberg said that when he started working on Facebook, his goals was to give every person a chance to express themselves and to bring communities together. This is a consistent mission of this company’s work, especially in its eagerness to equip regions and countries that don’t have access to the Internet.

So, if you want to follow Zuckerberg’s advice, create something that will make a change in this world. Do something good, offer a solution, and you will get something in return. That is how a successful and a great company is built!