Branded Shoes for a business online

The footwear industry is one of the few industries that have remained unscathed by the fluctuating economic trends. Annual revenue generated by the shoe industry is estimated to be about $15 billion worldwide. This is motivation enough to make one consider an online shoe store for a lucrative business. Like apparel, people will always be [...]

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5 Simple Personal Branding Strategies to Succeed in the Entrepreneurship World

Personal brand, ultimately, boils down to what you’re recognized for, who you’re known at and your overall reputation. People that have established strong personal brands are in advantageous positions over people without brands. A strong personal brand almost always eliminates the competition and speeds up the buying process. Here are simple steps to create a [...]

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What is Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship is about Making a Change

Have you ever asked yourself – what is entrepreneurship? Lead this article and discover more about what entrepreneurship is and what this concept represents! Mark Zuckerberg said: Entrepreneurship is about creating a change in this world and not just creating companies. We can all agree that Mark Zuckerberg is the person who changed the way [...]

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